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                  发布时间:2018/8/10 6:25:35

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                  h.m. king tupou vi and his delegation visited dgut
                  his majesty king tupou vi of the kingdom of tonga paid a state visit to china from february 28 to march 8 at the invitation of chinese president xi jinping. the visit of h.m. king tupou vi is an important progress for the 20th anniversary of two countries diplomatic relations.on march 6, 2018, h.m. king tupou vi and his wife queen nanasipau’u visited dongguan university of technology. h.m. king tupou vi presente...
                  entrepreneurs support dgut high-level technology university program with huge endowments
                  on december 12th, around 30 mainstream media and many enterprises including beijing qianxin technology, 8mm culture, dailywin watch, moldbao technology, guanli industry and afming numerical control gathered in dgut academic conference center, witnessed the endowment ceremony of dgut high-level technology university program.36 enterprises have endowed the amount of 320 million rmb. in addition, education developme...
                  visit to dgut by prof. aleksander bobko, vice minister of poland ministry of science and higher education
                  on december 8, prof. aleksander bobko, vice minister of the poland ministry of science and higher education, and his colleagues paid a visit to the dongguan university of technology (dgut). cheng hongbo, secretary of the party committee of dgut, yang minlin, vice president of dgut and yang jing, associate inspector of dongguan science and technology bureau received our guests warmly and held meetings with them.ch...
                  attaching great importance to the cultivation of students’ comprehensive qualities, dgut has always taken teaching as the core of all activities, and has been constructing an all-around education programs, as well as a talent-cultivation system of “qualification + specialty”. dgut has constructed 10 experiment & teaching centers, especially 4 provincial demonstrative centers: the experiment & teaching center of electrician and electronics, the experiment & teaching center of computer science and technology, the engineering practice & teaching center of mechanical design & manufacture and automation, and the experiment & teaching center of chemistry. the university has also set up 181 “practice bases” to cultivate students with local enterprises and institutes and established college of entrepreneurship, zhongxing college of telecommunication. besides, dgut has initially invested rmb 72 million yuan to boost the construction of disciplines, and established postgraduate bases jointly with south china university of technology and jinan university, and has cultivated 159 postgraduates. with a high employment rate above 98%, dgut has become a highly desirable university for students from all over the country. lots of students have got the common aspiration that “expertise learning at dgut, and career starting in dongguan.” keeping the belief that strengthening the scientific research would facilitate the university’s development, dgut has undertaken more than 900 significant research projects, such as the national key basic research development plan and national high technology research and development program, key projects of natural science foundation and so on, with research funds rmb 280 million...

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